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I'm currently seeking a position in Graphic and/or Web Design.
Sketching the symbol
I love typography, especially when it’s hand drawn. This is why I chose to brand myself with a letter “t” that I illustrated myself. Several pages of “t’s” were sketched before I created one that fits my personality.
Carving the stamp
Once I found my “t”, I decided to add more depth to my symbol by carving it out of a stamp. The symbol was transferred to an eraser pad and carved out with a linoleum cutter.
Inking the page
The freshly carved stamp was inked and transferred on to paper. The best print was scanned into the computer and carefully clipped to isolate the “t” while maintaining the rough edges of the stamp texture.
Refining the logo
The oval was carved out and inked like the symbol. It was cleaned up digitally and given a yellow color. Finishing touches were added by duplicating these shapes to create a contrasting grey shadow effect.